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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 10, 2015 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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we'll get to the video when we have it. the ohio highway patrol says a small plane crashed into an apartment complex there. getting live images from the ground. officials say the building is on fire. they're working to contain flames. police aren't saying right now if there are any injuries. but once again, a plane has crashed into an ohio apartment complex. we're working to get new pictures from the scene. some more information but as you can see, this is just developing. rescue crews. you can see if you look ahead of the truck some of the smoke coming up and there is a local reporter on the scene covering the story. we'll continue to work our sources and get you more. but i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> ryan: we're also following breaking news first here at 4:00. green line service temporarily suspended after students actually blocked the tracks there. >> elizabeth: it happened just before 2:00 on the e.line. things are back to normal but it's not the only protest in the city. dan hausle is live with what is going on.
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>> reporter: actually we're able to get our shot up together. we have a crowd of protestors. they're protesting the minimum wage and they want it to come up to $15. we have a couple of hundred dollars people down here -- hundred people town here and some of these same workers were joining a protest earlier today outside northeastern university. let's show you from the air the crowd that gathered actually on huntington blocking the e.line for about 25 minutes earlier today. these were protestors that were joined by these protestors, but they were' from northeastern university. from posting low wages for their part-time professors. they stopped the t. for about 25 minutes and if you go to the ground shot, you can see them there as well. at the same time, bus service was increased in the area and in fact protestors themselves said they tried to help anybody who was inconvenienced by this to
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get to the bugs and get around themselves but there were people there who were unhappy with what the protestors were doing. >> there was a lady who said she worked at the hospital. she was going to be 20 minutes late for her shift because they want to protest on a train track. that is ignorant. >> i just saw a guy look like he was going to a chemo appointment. he is not going to make it. nurses and doctors trying to street. not, i don't know. idea. >> reporter: police worked with the protestors though. they said they weren't going to stop them or shut them down. the protestors left peacefully on their own after about 25 minutes. the t. resume and now we have this protest getting under way that's going to move up to the statehouse at about 4:30. so this has a couple of hundred dollars people walking up to the staws. they're going to my to minimummize traffic disruptions and they're working with police to do that, but they understand
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going from 4:30 to 5:30 there might be traffic disruptions but we don't look for some kind of intentional shutdown. dan hausle, 7 news. >> elizabeth: we're tracking a november nor'easter, wet weather making its way in. cool and rainy conditions expected this evening. >> ryan: which means the spring-like days have come to an end for now of the let's get to pete bouchard with more. >> pete: raw and chilly for tomorrow and overnight. temperatures diving now thanks to the rain moving in and how about the rain? did is it heavy? in many so cases we've steady rain but i'm not seeing heavy rain. moderate maybe at times through barnstable and chat chatham you can see the leading edge in rhode island but it doesn't make much progress outside of attleboro or even you canbridge, but it should list northbound. we shod be in a couple of sprinkles at least by 6:00 around boston. then, pushing north through the merrimack valley. we'll get into the heart of the storm system later tonight and first thing
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tomorrow morning. the winds will be high in the morning and also decent rain. at times wind swept rain through the wee hours of the morning and the early morning hours for the commute. as we go through the late morning it pull ace way. by afternoon we're over to mist and drizzle. there is a wind advisory so that adds to the raw cold feel through the night and many to, too. 50 in boston, 50 in bedford after making mid 50s. the temperatures hold in the 40s, rain and wind. the wind ramping up slowly but persistent in the morning. more to come. stay with us. >> elizabeth: also on 7, a desperate attempt to keep a new hampshire water park open. a man chains himself to a water slide. the owner says he fell on tough times and he is doing everything he can to keep the park appropriate. kelli o'hara is liv with the latest. >> reporter: the man says his entire 40 acre property
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he says he is not going anywhere unless it's in hand cuffs. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: chained to his water slide 30 feet up in the air kevin says desperate times call for desperate measures. the 46-year-old says his water park liquid planet is on the shopping block. he says his seasonal business hit tough times. the result he says is in for for closure and up for closure. >> we're in this circle of dent and this year it came to a head. we know we have to bring on another partner that would own a large percentage of the park. if they come on we can pay off our debt and go forward without having that over our head. >> reporter: he has been on the slide for the past 24 hours with no shower, no bathroom and he hopes his will to save the business right type of attention to the park won't be closed for good.
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until i can find someone to help us go through this and it goes to auction and they drag me away. >> reporter: there he is. he is still up there. last night was his first night. he says it got to 30 degrees. i'm no meteorologist but this is pretty cold. he is going to be out until the auction or something else pans out. >> ryan: the search is on for a wanted man. police head him surrounded at a home in roslindale but they say he managed to escape through a window. steve cooper is live with the latest on the search. >> reporter: no arrests as of this hour, but boston police have been busy searching for this 38-year-old suspect. but as you can imagine, it created a lot of attention here at this roslindale housing complex. especially when the suspect slipped away. >> we have an arrest warrant for this individual. we're still looking for him. >> reporter: boston police
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tacticical teams converging here on brookway teras with a man wanted in connection with a stabbing and robbery, barricaded in an apartment where he was living with two women and four children. >> secured the apartment. barricaded subject and took the steps, we tried to negotiation. negotiations didn't work but the people didn't come out. >> reporter: residents area. police not taking any chances with the apartment surrounded, only determining hours later the suspect had jumped from a third story window and escaped. >> apparently jumped out a back window from the third floor and took off. okay. we found this out afterwards from someone that had seen him do that. >> reporter: the incident leaving residents rattled. >> i see cops and people. but i went upstairs because i don't like crowds. >> reporter: boston police investigators telling us they're thankful no one was hurt here. nobody got hurt here so we'll find this individual and right at this point in
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hurt. >> reporter: this is now a mug shot of the suspect, 38-year-old after-care soto who is wanted for an arrest warrant out of west roxbury district court. again he remains on the run and police say if anyone is involved with hiding him or helping him hide, they could face charges here as well. live in roslindale, steve cooper, 7 news. hampshire man appearing in court today charged with violating his parally. 36-year-old kevin paul was an accomplice in the murder of a police officer from epsom, new hampshire. he was granted parole earlier. he was wanted on gun charges. police arrested him yesterday in boston. in court paul said he did not know he was wanted. >> ryan: following more news today. russia is extending the ban of frights into egypt. last week putin agreed to suspend all flights to the
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was no time lion announced. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. >> elizabeth: olympic athletes from russia are facing a doping dilemma and the possibility of being banned from the next games. russian track and field games should be banned from next summer's games in rio. a report claims ten athletes and coaches were part after state sanctioned doping scheme. two of those athletes medalled in the 2012 london games leaving their competitors outraged. >> putting on honest effort. honest time and energy and emotion and, being cheated out of it, it's, you can't ever get back those moments. >> elizabeth: interpol is investigating some of the people in the report would could lead to criminal charges. >> ryan: after a legal setback in the lower courts president obama is asking the supreme court to rule on his immigration order. the president's executive
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order would protect millions of immigrants from being deported but 26 states filed and yesterday a judge agreed >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle passing a bill that would moving guantanamo bay prisoners to the u.s. president obama made closing that detention center a key campaign promise but he has not threatened to veto the breaking news. jimmy courter's doctors haven't found new evidence of cancer growth. the 90-year-old has undergone several forms of treatment. >> reporter: turning to the race for the white house, the g.o.p. presidential candidates gearing up for their 4th debate. jennifer egan has a preview. >> reporter: the line-up is set for tonight's republican debate. trump and carson will remain
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front and center. >> i'm honored to be here. >> all right in milwaukee rubio and bush are courting the statates governor, scott walker and nbc learned rubio met with walker last night. >> we still have time to get this right but we don't have forever. >> reporter: trump continued to go after carson. >> this is the only election in history where you better off if you stab somebody, what are we coming to? >> reporter: carson faces sufficient of -- tough questions. >> they do have be a actual vendetta or at least an agenda against some of the candidates. >> reporter: but carson's opponents insists you have to tray the heat. >> you ain't seen nothing yet. >> reporter: jennifer egan, 7 news. >> elizabeth: two candidates you won't see, chris christie, mike huckabee. fox says those didn't have the poll numbers to qualify.
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>> ryan: still ahead, a connecticut teacher under fire after yanking a chair from under a student. the shocking act caught on camera. >> elizabeth: this deer making itself at home. >> ryan: three police officers off the job after what some are calling excessive force. >> elizabeth: new at 5:00 a norton man called to court to answer to charges in a deadly wreck off 495. the victim's fiance now speaking out. >> ryan: tomorrow is veterans day and 7 news will be saluting veterans. accepted us your pictures of veterans and your family and a little information about them. post your pictures on facebook or tweet us with the hashtag vets on 7. e-mail us: we'll show you pictures and have a gallery on
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jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest
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that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
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>> ryan: a shocking act in west haven, connecticut caught on camera. a middle school teacher appears to yank a student from under a student sending him to the floor.
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did it to send a message. >> elizabeth: the teacher is fired but could also face charges. a student goes flying and another student in the classroom caught it on a cell phone camera. >> didn't expect to hear anything going on across the street from where i live. >> reporter: the teacher who taught science was just hired. witnesses say when the student won't listen the teacher did this. because he was a probationary employee the district fired him and now the police are involved. >> escorted the teacher out. off campus with the other supervisors and a school s.r.o.escorted the teacher offcampus and the police department has regun a criminal investigation. >> i don't think we're going to go into specific charges until we sit down with a prosecutor and see if it warrants that, but we believe it does.
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you don't like to see. >> elizabeth: the teacher says the video doesn't know what led up to the incident. >> ryan: a home invader in indiana, the deer getting comfy in one family's bedroom. >> pete: our forecast is getting wet as we step into the tonight and we look at that and what is to come after. >> elizabeth: were a packers fan is considering legal action against a carolina panthers player. >> ryan: when the driver after stolen s.u.v. smashes into a police officer. >> elizabeth: two men who planned to attack people are called to court. >> ryan: news is always happening. get caught up when ever you are the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college,
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fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> pete: sky 7 over the city. looking pretty good before the rain moves in, we'll welcome the rain with open arms, it has been dry. look at that. right into back bay. so nice, is there a little bit of color? down in the esplanade, abeing lo the charles, a little bit holding and maybe the public garden, not much. fading quickly but we seem to hold on to the leaves, thank you, ketch, until, like, early november. good color to be had in thesy. good dose of rain coming our way tonight and into tomorrow, too. gusty coastal winds. this is a pretty sizeable coastable storm and late drying so there is hope for veterans day. in the morning it's not pretty. i'm going to be honest with you. wind will be coming in out of the east-northeast and turn north-northeast.
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so our temperatures will be very chilly tomorrow morning, too. going to fall here. we're right around 50 degrees from dedham up to swampscott. boxford at 49. not all that warm through the merrimack valley. the cold locked in but we did get milder at least through southeast mass where we closed in the upper 50s, near 60 degrees, there is a potent little low pressure system here imbedded underneath the rain to the south of the rain. ironically with the coastal storms you do find most of the precipitation is ahead of the storm system so this is no different. the swath of rain, you could see it looks like wet weather but through the tonight night it will get energized and put down decent amounts. this is kate as she heads northeast at a very quick speed of 30 miles an hour forward speed. wind at 70 miles an hour, there she goes. she goes out to the north atlantic way ahead of our weather system.
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we won't have one major storm system to deal with. nonetheless, the little low pressure does a pretty good job of wetting us down, some places close in to an inch to an inch and a half. the weather system is moving too fast for that and is should be out of here tomorrow. it is ahead of schedule. thinking maybe it would locally gag through tomorrow morning and early afternoon, but it pulls itself out of here and in the afternoon we're dealing with mist and drizzle. winded advisory up late tonight and into tomorrow afternoon from cape ann to cape cod and our island, too, wind gust be to 40 or over 40 miles an hour, doesn't look like a huge issue with coastal flooding. we may have to deal with a little bit of minor splashover. it stays steady rain and increasing rain by morning. you can't see that? 43-47. wind 15-25 then tomorrow windy and raw. rain tapers to drizzle by afternoon.
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about 46-50. wind diminishing late so there is the 7 on 7 another weather system moving in, a front on thursday but we don't get much of an opportunity to dry it out and not a lot in the way of sun. showers in the afternoon. those 58 on friday. the weekend is seasonable, not cold. 54 is normal for this time of year then here it comes again. another wave of warm air. >> elizabeth: time for traffic and joe stapleton with a check of the roads. >> liking a look at 128 northbound just after trapelo road in waltham. that is where we have this two-car left lane crash. 128 northbound jammed up heavily through the waltham area. hopefully it should be pulled out of the way relatively soon. been a tight ride here on the pike westbound on to the area of exit 17 and newton and also out to 128. been averaging about a 41 minute ride westbound.
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northbound and southbound on the expressway also dealing well. as you work your way around the area of mass avenue and down to the area of the moose pike, too. the right along 93 and route 3 near route 495 also moving well. again 128 northbound by trapelo road as they clear this left-lane crash backed up through the waltham area. i'm joe stapleton, 7 news. >> elizabeth: a family in indiana comes home to an unexpected guest. this deer makes itself right at home in this the bedroom. police say it broke through a window and walked all the way through the house just walking around checking everything out. look, he is getting up on the bed. maybe wanted to take a nap. it jumped out another window. nobody was hurt. but the deer didn't pick up after himself so he left quite a mess. >> ryan: following breaking news next at 4:30, protests at faneuil hall headed to the statehouse.
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>> elizabeth: a violent arrest in austin, texas, going viral. the suspect saying the whole incident was because of jay walking. >> ryan: a norton man facing a judge and road rage charges. >> elizabeth: a collision course in oklahoma when the driver of a stolen s.u.v. smash nos a police officer. >> ryan: check out news on facebook, check out anchor profiles for interesting facts about all of us. log on and search for 7 news.
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> elizabeth: breaking news first at 430, green line service temporarily suspended after northeastern university students blocked the tracks. it happened before 2:00 on the e.line. >> reporter: things are back to normal but it's not the only protest in the city today. dan hausle is live on the phone with more on what is going on at fall euell hall. >> reporter: about 200 to 300 people is down here outside of faneuil hall protesting for a $15 minimum wage.
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some of these protestors
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